About Spartan Brands

Founded in 1987, Spartan Brands is a leading developer, manufacturer, marketer and distributor of innovative, high-quality personal care products. Operating our own international research, manufacturing and distribution facilities allows us to develop and produce our own products with a constant focus on innovation, efficacy, safety, and quality.

Spartan Brands has always been a leader in ground-breaking research and product development in the personal care industry. We have leveraged our combination of research facilities, in-house research staff, and outside consultants to build an impressive collection of results-orientated patents. This research helps us bring the personal care consumer truly innovative products and solutions.

As our products move from research and development to production, our over 250,000 square feet of production facilities enable us to have precise control over every phase of production from compounding to filling to packaging. This control allows us to ensure every consumer receives the same safe, tested, effective, high-quality product that was developed in our research facilities.

Spartan Brands products can be found in every sales channel from your corner beauty supply store, to the neighborhood drug store chain, and throughout mass retail chains. Our products are marketed individually through many different brand and label identities spanning from wholly-owned subsidiaries to private label distribution. An individual consumer may not be familiar with the Spartan Brands name, but with our proven research, development and production, we guarantee consumers are familiar with Spartan Brands quality.